Fishbrain Sticker Pack


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It's one foot, it's topside, it's undeniably rollerblading.

Whether you prefer them alleyoop, truspin, zerospin, or freestyle, it's hard to beat the feeling of lacing one.

To celebrate the phenomenon that is the Fishbrain, Shredmonton Inline has developed the Fishbrain Die-Cut Sticker!

Whether you're jazzing up your laptop or declaring victory on a new spot, this 1.5" x 3.5" high-gloss vinyl sticker is bound to make a big impression!

Each sticker pack comes with 2 Fishbrain Stickers.

Image of Vancouver Bladers Sticker Pack
Vancouver Bladers Sticker Pack
Image of Limited Edition Bladers Hologram Sticker
Limited Edition Bladers Hologram Sticker
Image of Shredmonton Inline Sticker Pack
Shredmonton Inline Sticker Pack
Image of Shredmonton Bladers Sticker Pack
Shredmonton Bladers Sticker Pack
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