Shredmonton Mighty Bladers - Custom Reverse Tie Die T-Shirt


Each Shredmonton Mighty Bladers Custom Tie Dye T-Shirt was reverse hand-dyed using sustainably sourced sodium hypochlorite and features an homage to the Mighty Ducks franchise, cinematic masterpieces that captured the unmatched feeling of freedom while rollerblading through your local streets or shopping malls together with your friends a reminder that SHREDMONTON MIGHTY BLADERS FLY TOGETHER!

As each Shredmonton Mighty Bladers T-Shirt is custom reverse tie-dyed, each item has a unique and distinctive look and we are proud to say that each tshirt truly is 1-of-1, just like you.

As usual, all proceeds from our Shredmonton Mighty Bladers T-Shirts sales goes directly back into community events and future Shredmonton projects.

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