Shredmonton Bladers High Performance Socks


It's no secret that a skaters feet are nasty, no-good, fungus-filled, stink factories of microbiota that this world has never experienced so in reality most podiatric purveyors won't peer twice at how you disguise your fugly feet. However if you're looking for a high-performance skate sock that has a comfortable fit but allows for breathability and support look no further than the Shredmonton Bladers High Performance Sock!

Adorned with our classic Bladers logo (complete with bearing lubricant drop) these socks will keep you comfortable and dry while skating and pair nicely with your favourite pair of Crocs after the session.

We've also listened to our customers who purchased our "one-size fits most" FishBrain Performance Socks and have made our Shredmonton Bladers High Performance Socks available in 3 sizes:

XSmall - Youth Ages 8-12
Small/Medium - Mens 4-7; Womens 5-9
Medium/Large - Mens 8-12; Womens 10-13

As usual, all profits from sales of our Shredmonton Bladers High Performance Socks will go towards funding exciting community events such as our recently announced 2024 Shredmonton Inline Summer Skate Series being held at the unrivalled Ardrossan Skatepark!

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