Shredmonton Inline Sticker Pack


  • Image of Shredmonton Inline Sticker Pack

This sticker pack features all of our logos printed on high-quality weatherproof/waterproof vinyl which means you can slap these stickers on your skates, helmet, or even your new Tesla and they’ll last for years.

The sticker pack includes:
-2 x 2” “Bladers” stickers
-1 x 3” “Fishbrain” sticker
-1 x 3.5” “Wednesday Night Skate” sticker

Profits from sticker sales will go towards supporting future Shredmonton events and projects!

Image of Limited Edition Bladers Hologram Sticker
Limited Edition Bladers Hologram Sticker
Image of Shredmonton Bladers Sticker Pack
Shredmonton Bladers Sticker Pack
Image of Fishbrain Sticker Pack
Fishbrain Sticker Pack
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