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Shredmonton Bladers Tee - Royale Blue

  • Shredmonton Bladers Tee - Royale Blue

Shredmonton Bladers are not unlike the local sports team in that they often struggle with their identity at times but know deep down inside they are constantly growing, progressing, and are forever optimistic about the future of blading in the Edmonton area.

The Shredmonton Bladers Tee features a classic logo perfected by Shredmonton OG Dylan Plowman (aka Die-Lawn Meowman) printed over the left breast, close to the heart, where blading resides in all of those who choose to rep this tee.

Each Shredmonton Bladers Tee purchase comes with one of our exclusive Fishbrain Stickers!

Profits from t-shirt sales go to supporting future Shredmonton events and products!

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